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Elliott, Bruce: Professional Magic Made Easy
1959 Bruce Elliott
Published by Harper & Row, NY
This edition by Gramercy Publishing Co.
Hardcover, 232 pages
              Magic Made Easy
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Professional Magic Made Easy - black cover
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Comments: More great beginner and intermediate magic by Bruce Elliott, with lots of contributors.


v Preface (Bruce Elliott)

1 Close Up Surprises
3 The Spoon that Changes: to a knife
3 Texture (Martin Gardner): cigarette through handkerchief
5 Tinkle: vanishing thimble from pencil
8 Fourth Dimensional Sewing (L Vosburgh Lyons): ring becomes tied on ribbon
8 Iced (Stuart Cramer): science puzzle
10 Penetration #1: with two matches
12 Penetration #2: another
12 Loops Entwined (Jack Avis): ropes become looped under a handkerchief
14 The Diviner (Tom Sellers): matches find a card
16 Wintry: bar bet
17 Buttonholed (James Torry): ring appears on shoelace
20 Fate (Bruce Elliott): Mentalism act
22 Hunkins' Hex (Carl Hunkins): ring on wand
25 On and off (Paul Curry): using your Spirit or Brema Nut
27 Elmsley's Puncture: movable hole on business card
30 A Hole in One (L Vosburgh Lyons): holes cut in four cards, and magician restores three
32 I 0 U (Steve Eskow): torn and restored bill
34 Ykcowrebbaj (R M Jamison): trick using semi-reversable letters
36 Suave Silk ( Paul Rosini): silks and knots

40 Coinjuring
40 Upsadaisy (Bob Hummer): coins penetrate up through the hand
42 The Clink Pass: sleight
45 In His Hands: coin appears in spectator's hands
47 Homing Eagle (JG Thompson): English Penny and Half Dollar transposition
48 The Rabbit's Head (Tom Fitzgerald): marked coin appears in handkerchief rabbit
50 Change, Please! (Lou Tannen): : bill in envelope is cut in two, but two half dollars drop out
51 Clear Gone!: coins vanish from glass
54 Sach's Sleight: coin vanish
56 Silken Vanish: impromptu coin vanish from handkerchief

58 Simon's Sorcery (Bill Simon)
58 Ten Fingers and a Silk (Bill Simon): silk and handkerchief routine
63 The Rising Coin and Climax (Bill Simon): coin rises from one hand to the other, with a wine glass climax
67 The Startling Four Coin Routine (Bill Simon): interlocked production of coins

72 Great New Card Magic
72 Tri-fly (Franklin V Taylor): 30 card trick
75 Click (Lee Noble): signed card found in card case
76 Monte (Bertram/Vernon): with NON-bent cards
78 Joker (Bruce Elliott): Joker reveals selection to second spectator
80 Al Baker's Best Card Trick: prediction counts to selection
82 Honeycutter (Al Hunnycutt): follow the leader
86 Lipop (Dr Daley): wrong card pops out of deck and is now right
89 It Can't Be! (Bruce Elliott): card changes identity while held by spectator
92 Peek! (Jean Irving): determining a peeked at card
94 The Time Formula (Clayton Rawson): time machine card trick

100 Curry's Card Conceptions (Paul Curry)
101 New View (Paul Curry): spectator returns card in new deck to proper order
102 One Down (Paul Curry): magician determines face up card
103 Do As I Do (Paul Curry): another Do As I Do card trick
104 The Perfect Miracle (Paul Curry): face down card finds selection
105 The Whispering Joker (Paul Curry): locator card trick
107 Just Think! (Paul Curry): misreading playing cards
108 Two Together (Paul Curry): two pile card matching
110 Super Stunt (Paul Curry): selection emerges from the deck

113 Tricked Telepathy
114 Two Minutes From Now (Paul Curry): Bridge Score Card prediction
116 Mindreading (Paul Curry): Red Card in Blue Deck is selected by specator
117 Thirteen Steps (Shaman): two person card telepathy
119 Concepts Never Die (Ray Hyman): new approach to message reading
122 Geomancy Of The Gods (George Armstrong): contents of envelope read through the sand
125 Cue It! (Elray): principle used for several effects in an act
127 Thrice Right! (Gerber): mathematical card prediction
129 Collected Thoughts (Al Baker): En Rapport with pad and paper
131 P$ychic Uncle Sam (E.E. Hammill): mathematical stunt
133 Cleromantic Chicanery (E. E. Hammill): dice prediction
135 Numerology (R.B. Edwards): stage bill serial number divination
137 Prescience (H.A. Adams): Predict a card and picture of a design
140 Hex Appeal (Hen Fetch and Cy Keller): movie star mental routine
142 Puzzle Of The Pages (Fred Peterson): predicting a word selected in a magazine
145 Forty-Thousand Words (Sid Lorraine): Dictionary book test

149 Small Magic You Can Make And Do
149 Penetro (Eric C Lewis): Glass penetrates a handkerchief
151 Back To Back (Bruce Elliott): clever matchbook gimmick to vanish a coin, etc.
153 The Die Is Cast (Bruce Elliott): selection revealed by matchbox (select values 1-6)
157 Matchless Pocket Trick (Mino): Spectator's matchbox vanishes
160 Teleportation (Bruce Elliott): of matches in a box
162 Matchless (Thayer): ball penetrates matchbox with a hole in it
165 Popper Upper (J.G. Thompson Jr. and Verne Chesbro): match and business card trick
169 Go Fish (Jaks): fishing line retrieves card selection
172 Po She Lo (Kolma and Bruce Elliott): Miniature snake basket
174 Poor Man's Snake Trick (Bruce Elliott): another use for the basket
176 The Impossible Television Frame (Kolma and Paul Draylin): television card frame trick on pocket scale
181 Purse Pastry (Greer Marechal): Baking a cupcake in a borrowed purse
185 Invisible Waiter (Jack Miller): glass of wine production and vanish
189 Papo-Leaso (Bob Hanko): signed paper loop is removed from a rope
192 Box Releas: as above, with a match box

193 Stage Magic You Can Make And Do
193 Levitation: handkerchief levitation (using a reel)
198 (B)Eerie (Wally Dean): vanishing glass on tray
201 Voodoo (Walter Gibson): Doll in case is stabbed with pins, to emerge unharmed
205 Rabbit Box: quick and easy production box
207 Combo: Ghost Tube and Tip-Over Box combination
210 Fire And Water: liquid vanishes in paper cornucopia, which is lit on fire
213 Glass-Go: vanishing full wine glass
215 Conjuror's Cube (Tom Sellers): another production box
217 Tube Of Plenty: silks from empty tube
219 "Black Magic" (L Vosburgh Lyons): a small-scale Black Art illusion
222 Houdini's Challenge: paper bag escape
225 Finale
227 Index