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Eldin, Peter: Lets Make Magic
©1981 1st Ed,
Hardcover, 45 pages
Let's Make Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Sorcar-TWGM

Comments: Beginner's book of magic

Contents (Chapters only):

6 This is Magic
8 Nifty Tricks
10 The Magic Wand
12 Magic that Mystifies
14 Conjuring with Colour
16 Pins and Clips
18 Curious Knots
20 Conjuring with Cards
22 Conjuring with Coins
24 Get It Off
26 Rope and String
28 Magic of the Mind
30 Magic with Money
32 Silken Sorcery
34 Baffling Tricks
36 Magic with Movement
38 More Magic of the Mind
40 Strange Secrets
42 Miracles of Magic
44 Professional Secrets
45 On with the Shos