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Edwards, Doug: Brass Knuckles - Hard Hitting Magic
2006, Collectors' Workshop
Hardcover w/DJ, 9x11", 194 pages
Brass Knuckles
Image courtesy eBay seller Bobbovent1

Comments (Dr Danny): Illustrations by Gregg Webb. Sections I and II contain several bits of finesse and alternate handlings of standard moves, a la Racherbaumer's Finesse/Fixes books. A lot of forehead smackers -- "why didn't I think of that?!?" These are stand-alone items, that is, they are not necessarily used in the effects in the rest of the book. There's a lot to ponder and work with in these chapters. Sections III and IV make up the bulk of the book. Direct, to-the-point effects, easy for the spectator to follow. At first reading, some may appear weak, but I think their simplicity (of effect, not necessarily method) just makes them seem that way. A few items are devastatingly clever, and I suspect others will reveal themselves to be so after I've spent more time with them. A minor complaint: the illustrations are clear and effective for the most part, but take up a lot of room. For example, the item Bead-azzled on p. 179 is described in less than a page of text, but is accompanied by 7 drawings spread across the next 3 pages. They could have been reduced in size just a bit, merged into the text, and the entire trick would have fit two facing pages, making it easier to follow. Such layout issues appear throughout the book. It's unfortunate, because the writing is uniformly good, as direct as the effects being described. On the other hand, some may prefer the spacious, airy layout. I must admit it's a handsome book, and give props to Collectors' Workshop for the production. Overall I like it, but not as much as I liked his previous book, "DE Packs a Wallop!" written by Harry Lorayne and published by L&L Publishing. I recommend you get that one first.


iv Publisher's Note -- Geo. Robinson Jr.
ix Foreword -- Harry Lorayne
x Preface -- Doug Edwards

2 SECTION I Palms, Shuffles and Lifts
2 Free Movement Palm - an action palm from a tabled deck
4 Tenkai Top - from tabled deck into Tenkai
6 Another Tenkai! - from deck in the hands to Tenkai
8 Uplifted - top palm applied to a color change
12 Pop-out Add-On - replacing palmed cards
16 Two Hindu Shuffle Finesses - one for force, other for control
18 The Drunken Master Shuffle - full-deck false shuffle, usable on hard surface
22 The Hidden Strip-Out - finesse for the center-block pull out for the Zarrow shuffle
24 A Double Flick - slightly flourishy/juggly double lift/turnover
26 Less-Trouble Double - another DL handling
30 Faro Lap - a propelled lapping technique for top card of faro-shuffled deck

32 SECTION II Cuts, Controls and Changes
32 Table Cut Fooler - false cut (also for hard surface)
36 Pass It Down - triple cut version of the classic pass false cut
39 The Combo Cut - another tabled false cut
42 Decoy Cut - yet another
44 Hip Hop Cut - flashy legit cut
45 Let's Go To the Hop - variation of a rather bold Marlo false cut
47 Nonchalant! - in-the-hands false cut
50 Cardini's Cut - one-hand, plus a variation
54 Wrist Break Control - simple control plus an application
57 Top Control - another simple control of a selected card
60 Hide That Line - technique to mask any separation at the front when holding a pinky break
63 A Step Forward (not backward!) - variation of the Classic Force
65 Auto Change - color change handling
67 Oh-So-Subtle Color Change - yet another

72 SECTION III Hard Hitting Mysteries
72 Waiting for a Miracle - simple idea, potential stunner
74 How Ambitious - sequence to insert in your routine
77 The Transparent Card or The "Light" Fantastic Change - how to construct (and use) your own Hofzinser semi-transparent card gaff
83 A Sandwich Touch - the classic effect with a nice finesse
87 Fake-Take Transposition - card selected, lost; X card shown and tabled; spec names any number, you count or spell to that number to find ... the X card! Selection is on the table in its place.
90 Shake It Out! - Selection (or last of 4 Aces or whatever) produced in a startling manner (minor gaff)
93 A Cut Above the Rest - simple, semi-automatic location using the "Shake It Out" gaff
95 Short Again - Another use for the same gaff
98 A Question for You - Selected card appears in deck with odd-colored back with a big ?-mark on the back. Its back then changes back to normal (it's better than that reads)
101 Really Haunted - classic "self cutting" deck effect, but no thread
108 DEck Suspension - ungimmicked handling for suspended/levitating deck, with or without the case(!)
112 Rubber Bandit - variation of Charles T. Jordan's banded-deck card revelation
117 Rubber Wrist Revelation - another banded-deck revelation, rather startling!
120 No Hanky Panky - sleightless handling for Card Through Handkerchief
123 Quick Turnovers - one selected card changes to another, then to another
126 You'll Pick the Ace of Diamonds! - sucker trick: exposes one-way force deck, but funny!
128 Three Cards and an Ace - quick, easy ace assembly...well, it's sort of an ace assembly. Very good.
130 Dem Bloomin' Aces - 4 aces, lost in deck, appear all at once from the deck, held in one hand. Nice!
134 In A Whisper! - the Whispering Jokers effect, done with a locking card box in the spectator's hands.
136 You'll Fool All - semi-automatic, not bad....
138 UnPublished Apocalypse Items (next three items)
139 To-The-Point Collectors - like the title says, simple, direct handling of the Collectors theme: 4 aces collect 3 selections
143 Better (?) To-The Point Collectors - same plot, different handling, clever use of Hamman's Flushtration count as a kind of force
148 Terrific Rising Card - loopy.

156 SECTION IV Bonus Items
156 Box Opener - flashy way of removing a deck from the card box
158 Soft Cellophane - flashy way of removing the wrapper from a new sealed deck
160 The LeEdwards Spread - DE's handling of the LePaul spread
163 Fanfare Fan - technique for fanning a deck using a riffle action to supply sound
166 Not A "Brief' Second - strike second technique that hides the brief. (I'd have to see this one....)
169 The New Deal - variant of previous 2nd deal
171 Color Vision Clean-Up - Yes, that Color Vision; a handling for righting everything after the trick.
174 Fun-Key - a handling of the standard Haunted Key
176 Made in Japan - a handling for the Rip-It (Jack Chanin torn and restored bill)
179 Bead-azzled! - an application of Clifton's Ring Move (from Earl Nelson's Variations); two different colored wooden beads are threaded onto a cord, then enclosed in the performer's hand; spectator's "chosen" bead escapes from the cord then penetrates up through the back of the hand.
183 Knot Easy - clever version of vanishing knot, can probably be added to nearly any rope routine
187 Bird Cage Nuances - finesses, tips, etc, for the classic Vanishing Bird Cage