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Eckl, Ed: Gardyloo
©1977 Ed Eckl, Pub. Unikorn Magik
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages
Image from Magicref

Comments: Ed Eckl's first lecture notes


2 Dedication
3 Contents
4 Introduction
5 The Tantalizing Wand Opener: for the commercial trick
7 But When It Does Go Wrong: one liners
8 Senatorial Cards Across: a cards across based on Senator Crandall's Six Card Repeat
11 Madages: a few magician proverbs
12 Why a "Change" Bag?: a gag for magicians
13 Eve's New Clothes: a story line with leaves
17 Windlass-less Rising Cards: a quickie
18 Thoughts: more one liners
19 Fubar's Portentous Prediction: a card prediction seems to go wrong
21 Bagging the OhhAhh Bird: Gag Bag routine
24 Remember the Card You Hear: card in the pocket
27 They Said I Didn't Dare: a few jokes
28 Fly Me to the Goon: a routine using zippers!
30- The Mobius Zip
31 No Laughs: more one liners
32 Afterwords (Hary Hirschvogel): About Ed Eckl