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Eaton, Michael: 2econd Thoughts
©2002 Michael Eaton
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 21 pages
2econd Thoughts
Image courtesy eBay seller Magiktaco
Michael Eaton: 2econd Thoughts

Comments: Another collection of Close up Concepts


1 Rule of Five: 5 card mental effect
4 Pre-Set: setup for Paul Harris effect
6 To Bounce, or Not to Bounce: bounce no bounce balls
8 Who Ordered the Ketchup: opener, ketchup packet turns into bottle
10 Happy Hour: similar to above, small bottle of beer to large one
11 Tipping the Hat: how magicians used to work for tips
14 Re-Cycle: handling of coin in bottle
19 QuickSilver: three coin vanish with inexpensive gimmick