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Eaton, Jeff: Here's Rodney
©1978 Jeff Eaton, self published
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 11 pages
Here's Rodney
Image from Magicref

Comments: True lecture notes, in that there are no details provided (you would have viewed those during the lecture). This lecture was about Jeff's Rodney the Rabbit show, which was apparently a self-contained table/prop that contained all the effects used in a show, and produced a 5' wooden rabbit. The notes do NOT provide details on Rodney the Rabbit.


2 Introduction (Don Lamb)
3 Introduction (Jeff Eaton)
4 Prop List: list of effects used in the show such as Seal Circus, Gag Bag, Tricky Bottles, etc.
5 Format of Show: provides brief description of each effect
6 Gafs & Laff Props:
6 - Magic Mustard Running Gag: general description
6 - Spring Wobbly Wand: construction described briefly
6 - Playing Card: gimmicked
6 - Snake Can: never fails!
7 Additional Information on Tricks: some more information about each effect
8 Developing a Personality
9 Recommended Reading for Kid Show Workers
10 Upcoming Shows: brief description of new shows in the works