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Eastman, Charles C.: Winner's All and Take a Look
©1939 (circa) Charles C. Eastman, SC
Paper,comb-bound, 32 pages

Winner's All & Take a Look
Image courtesy e-Bay Movie-Movies

Comments: Winner's All and Take a Look, Two books combined as one.


1 Dodson's Four Ace Miracle
3 Location Supreme
4 You Spell as I Spell
6 The Joker Detective
9 The Spirit Vision
11 Simultaneous Co-Incidence
13 The Supernatural X-Ray
14 The Mummy Materializes
16 Silk Monte
17 The Bartender's Disappointment
18 Stop
19 Alice in Wonderland
21 One More Chance
23 Passe Passe Production
24 An Excellent Question Switch
25 Effective Mindreading
25 An Excellent Method of Booking Your Act
26 Sealed Message Reading
27 Something Worth Thinking About
28 Sympathetic Decks
29 Double Face
30 Thought Transmission
31 Astounding Memory
32 Advertisement