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Eastman, Chas. (Editor): French's Manipulative Magic With Additions
©1930 Chas. Eastman
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 30 pages
French's Manipulative Magic
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Chas. Eastman: French's Manipulative Magic With Additions

Comments: propicks


1 A Tricky Thimble: series of advanced sleights with thimbles
3 French's Clip Pass: cigarette
3 Don't Drop It (Clettis V. Musson): Ball vanish with handkerchief
4 Presto Chango: ball color change with handkerchief
5 Slippery Sphere: another billiard ball trick
6 The Flip Pass: for balls
7 A Surprise Vanish and Color-Change: billiard ball vanish & color change
8 Another Card Flourish: with a card fan
9 French's Card Stabbing Routine: sleight of hand
10 Paper & Pasteboards: card opener
11 French's Transp Balls: for three different color balls and matching shells
12 A Novel Card Fan Vanish: cards melt from hands
13 You'll Like It: vanish and color change for billiard ball
14 Well Can You Beat That? Cards to pocket
15 A Sleight Reversal of Form: cards
17 Some Sleights: palming, color change cards, cig vanish
18 The Fleeting Queen (Murray A. Sumner): a story trick using the whole deck
21 Proving that the Hand is Quicker Than the Eye (John Morin): an instant card change
22 Another Card Reversal (Nelson C. Hahne): card reverses in deck
24 Penetration (Joseph Waker): pencil penetrates playing card without damage
25 The Phantom Cigarette (Bert Douglass & Sid Lorraine): imaginary cigarette lighting becomes real
28 Foiled Again: a card story of the Queen
30 Page of Illustrations