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Eastman, Charles C.: Expert Manipulative Magic
©1933 Charles C. Eastman, Newburyport, MA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 39 pages
Expert Manipulative
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Chas. Eastman: Expert Manipulative Magic

Comments: "A Series of Advanced Sleights and Manipulations"


3 The Continuous Production of Fans of Cards At The Finger Tips
5 The Old Back-Palm Again
5 Some Very Effective Moves With Six Cards
6 Passing a Fan of Cards from Hand to Hand
7 No Thumb Back Palm
7 Expert Card Fan
9 Reverse Fan—All White
9 Cover for the Pass
10 The Front-Palm Single Card Production
12 Double Card Lift
12 Sucker Card Change
13 The Easy Card Shift
13 The Perfect Shift
13 The Deliberate Shift
15 The New False Count Principle
16 Guessing the Number of Cards by Weight
16 A 26 Card Mystery
17 A New Wrinkle on the Five Card Trick
18 The Six Card Repeat Mystery
19 The Card Miracle
20 The Four Aces
20 Vanishing Pack of Cards
21 Manipulative Billiard Ball
23 The Migratory Coins
25 The Expert Acquitment with Cards
27 Top Notch Vanish
27 Spectre Vanish
28 The Startler Vanish
29 The Wand er er
29 Natural Drop
31 Believe It or Not Vanish
31 Fadeaway — A One Hand Vanish
32 Surprise Vanish
34 The Super-Lift
34 Speedex Vanish
35 The Laets Steal
36 Smpl Drop
36 The Reverso Match
38 The Miracle Move
38 The One Hand Shuffle