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Eastman, Chas. E.: Choice Magic
©1933 1st Ed Chas. E. Eastman
Softcover, stapled manuscript, A4, 15 pages
Choice Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller DonBursell
Chas. Eastman: Choice Magic

Comments: There appears to have been a later edition of this manuscript with additional material. Folded A4 format.


1 A New Paper Bag Vanish (Robert K. Weill)
2 The Phantom Silk (Chas. Eastman)
3 Chango (Evans Morgan)
5 Dime and Penny Moves (Evans Morgan)
5 Supreme Billiard Ball Colour Change (Leonard Morgan)
6 Divorced (Robert K. Weill)
7 Another Silk Vanish (Lynn Searle)
8 Cut and Restored Jump Rope (Chas. Eastman)
9 Blindfolded Colour Discernment (Eddie Joseph)
10 Another 1234 Ace Trick (Harry Valcarte)
11 A Sucker Gag (Lewis Duff)
12 A Useful Combination (Chas. Eastman)
13 Topside Down (Harry Valcarte)
14 Torn and Restored Card (Tommy Tucker)