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Eason, Doc: A Shot in the Act
©1994 Doc Eason, self published
Paper, saddle-stitched, 20 pages
A Shot in the
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Comments: "From a Working Repetoire"


2 A Note from the Author
3 Real Men Tie Their Own Bow Ties: How to tie a bow-tie and where to buy them
6 Nuts and Bolts Opener: two in the hand one in the pocket with nuts & bolts & clever patter
8 Color Changing Deck Opener: Doc's version of Harry Lorayne's Color Changing Deck
12 Thoughts on the Use of Giveaways: essay and ideas
14 An Entertaining Three Card Monte: provides the commercial routine, not the moves
18 Thoughts on the Business of Magic: essay
20 The Doctor's Bookshelf: recommended book list for Bar Magicians