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Earle, Lee: Pieces of My Mind
©1995 Lee Earle, Binary Star Publications
Paper, Stapled, 45 pages
Pieces of My Mind
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Comments: Collection of Lee's articles as printed in M-U-M magazine (of the Society of American Magicians), from April 1993 through March 1995. Contains a mix of editorial articles and performance pieces.


5 Lee Earle - Mentalism's Missionary
8 Intuitive Entertainment
9 Defending Mental Magic
10 The Chasm
11 Out of Sight, Out of Mind
12 Heinlein's Rules
13 The Platinum Rule
14 The Tinkerbell Corollary
16 Cities of Your Mind: Performance Piece
17 Equivoque Mis-spoke: Peformance Piece
19 So Do Something For Me
20 Travels With Larry
22 No Bozos
23 Remember the Little Boy
24 Seven Success Secrets
25 Shadowcasting: Performance Piece
26 Be Yourself
27 Kreskin Socks It to 'Em
28 Read All About It!
29 Keep It Believable
30 My Theory
31 Premonitions
32 Five Foot Shelf
34 Ten Best
36 Sing Off
38 Lotto Luck: Performance Piece
40 A Penny for Thought: Performance Piece
42 Akido Arm: Performance Piece
43 On Using Room Service
44 Building the Legend
45 The Prettelus Effect: Performance Piece