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Dunn, Ricki: The Professional Stage Pickpocket
©2006 Nielsen Magic
Softcover, Perfectbound, 207 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9618175-2-7
              Professional Stage Pickpocket
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Ricki Dunn: The Professional Stage Pickpocket



v Ricki Dunn Reviews
vii Dedication
ix Foreword
xiii Preface
xv Acknowledgements
21 Introduction
21 From Magician to Pickpocket: My Story!
26 A Little Pickpocket Trivia: Who Was the First Stage Pickpocket?

29 Chapter 1: Things You Should Know About!
30 Why a Pocket Can be Picked!
30 Misdirection: The Real Secret
31 The “Search!”
31 The Importance of Maintaining Control
32 Returning the Goods
34 Stashing the Goods
36 Volunteers
41 Confederates
43 Any Room for a Female Pickpocket?

47 Chapter 2: Is That a Hand in My Pocket?
48 What Does It Take?
48 Before We Begin
50 Stealing from the Inside Jacket Pocket
51 Stealing from an Inside Jacket Pocket — Second Method
52 Stealing from the Hip Pocket
53 Stealing from the Outside Jacket Pocket
54 Stealing from Trouser Pockets
55 Stealing from the Breast Pocket
55 Method One
55 Method Two
56 Method Three
56 The European Approach to Picking Pockets
58 An Artful Dodge
60 Pickpocket Trivia: He Was a Gentleman. But Was He Really a Relative?

63 Chapter 3: Making Time Fly
64 Watch Steals
65 How to Practice Watch Steals
65 How to Steal a Leather Band Watch
67 The “Thumbs Down” Watch Steal
69 How to Perform a Repeat Watch Steal
69 How to Steal an Expansion Band Watch
70 How to Steal a Watch with a Metal Clasp

73 Chapter 4: You Mean There Is More to Steal?
74 How to Steal a Necktie
76 Stealing a Necktie, My Way!
77 Overcoming Tie Trouble
78 Dealing with Clip-on Ties
78 How to Steal a Belt
83 How to Steal Suspenders
84 How to Remove a Vest

87 Chapter 5: Will You Get Dressed Already?
88 Casual Attire: Picking Pockets the Hard Way!
89 Something to Think About!
90 Watch Steals and Short Sleeved Shirts!
91 Stealing Cigarettes from a Shirt Pocket
91 Stealing Keys from a Belt Loop
92 Stealing a Pen
93 Stealing from a Waist Pouch
94 A Word About Belts

97 Chapter 6: The Overnight Pickpocket
98 They’re Bogus, But...!
98 A Pseudo Tie Steal
99 A Pseudo Suspender Steal
100 A Pseudo Watch Steal
102 Camera Trickery
104 Vic Perry’s Pseudo Money Challenge
106 The Bra Trick
107 A Pseudo Underwear Steal
108 A Little Pickpocket Trivia: The Great Debate: Ricki Dunn vs. Vic Perry
109 A Little More Pickpocket Trivia

111 Chapter 7: He’ll Give You the Shirt Off His, What?
112 The “Ultimate” Pseudosteal
112 How to “Sell” the Shirt Trick
115 Out the Sleeve!
116 The “Diabolical” Shirt Trick
118 A Little More Pickpocket Trivia!

119 Chapter 8: A “Dip’s” Deceiving Deceptions
120 Tricks, TV, and Me!
120 “Watching” the Chop Cup
122 The R.D. Cut and Restored Tie
126 Three Bills Across
129 Where’d He Go?
131 Wanna Buy a Watch?
132 Card in Wallet, Plus
137 The Holdup Trick
141 The Holdup Trick, Our Way!
141 The Brooks/Dunn Holdup Routine
143 It's In the Bag!
146 The World’s Fastest Pickpocket!
146 The “I.O.U.” Bill Switch
148 A Flashy Bill Switch
149 The R.D. Repeat Handkerchief Steal
151 Vic Perry’s Routine with a Handkerchief
152 Who’s Stealing What from Whom?
153 Pinned!
154 The Sixth Finger Gag
155 A “Sock” Finish

159 Chapter 9: Creating a Pickpocket Act
160 Putting It All Together
160 The Opening
161 The Middle!
161 The Ending!
162 Pacing and Timing
164 A Few Notes on Music
166 Now that You Have an Act!

167 Chapter 10: Publicity, and How to Get It!
168 Letting the World Know You’re a Pickpocket
170 Getting Free Publicity
174 An Interesting Story
174 A Short Pickpocket Glossary

179 Chapter 11: Just Don’t Sit There, Do Something!
180 The Electric Chairs!
180 The Basic Routine

185 Appendix I: A Remembrance of Ricki Dunn by David Avadon

195 Appendix II: Ricki Dunn Stories by his Friends
196 One of a Kind by Frances and Glenn Falkenstein
197 Ricki Dunn, a Friend Indeed by Norman Jensen
198 Ricki Dunn is a Thief by Bob Kenny
199 My Friend Ricki by Hal Myers
201 An All Forgiving Friend by Norm Nielsen
201 My Mentor by Paul Romhany
202 Magic Should be Difficult to Acquire by Looy Simonoff
203 Lodar is a Thief by Johnny Thompson

207 Publisher's Notes