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Dunninger, Joseph: Inside the Medium's Cabinet
©1935 David Kemp & Co., Inc., NY
Hardcover, 228 pages
Inside the Medium's Cabinet
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Joseph Dunninger: Inside the Medium's Cabinet

Comments: Expose of the tricks of mediums. Illustrated with B&W diagrams and photographs


v Foreword

1 I Introduction
7 II Magicians Versus Mediums
28 III The Millionare Meduim
43 IV The Houdini Message
56 V The Message That Missed
75 VI The Case of Mrs. Werner
86 VII Madam Taylor
97 VIII Nino Pecoraro
106 IX The Pecoraro Test Seances
119 X The Pecoraro Confessions
131 XI My Seances With Frank Decker
143 XII Medical Mediumship
152 XIII Around the Psychic Circles
165 XIV Mediums In the Hauptmann Case
180 XV Mediums at Work
191 XVI Where the Trumpets Come From
206 XVII A Summary of Spiritism
224 Appendix