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Dunninger Joseph: 100 Classic Houdini Tricks You Can Do
©1954 Fawcett Publications, Inc.
©1975 Arco Publishing, NY (re-issue)
Softcover, perfectbound, 8.5x11", 145 pages
100 Classic Houdini Tricks
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Dunninger: 100 Houdini Tricks


Contents (from book)

4 Dunninger — A Biography
6 Magical Memories
28 Performance Pointers
30 Forcing A Card: card conjuring
31 Eggs-Traordinary Card Trick: card conjuring
32 Telltale Ashes: card conjuring
33 Restored Ribbon: miscellaneous magic
34 The Pass: card conjuring
36 Vanishing A Coin: money mystifiers
37 Palming A Coin: money mystifiers
38 Thought Reading: spirit stuff
39 Enchanted Handkerchief: miscellaneous magic
40 Patriotic Billiardballs: miscellaneous magic
41 Which Hand?: money mystifiers
42 Is It Hypnotism?: spirit stuff
43 Latest Coinvanish: money mystifiers
44 Up-In-The-Air Card Trick: card conjuring
45 Money Flies: money mystifiers
46 Novel Card Rising Effect: card conjuring
47 Matchless Fingers: match magic
48 Down For The Count: card conjuring
49 Houdini Ace: card conjuring
50 Ghost Frame: spirit stuff
51 20th Century Mindreading: card conjuring
52 A Good Turn: card conjuring
53 Chameleon Bands: miscellaneous magic
54 Cards Illusional: card conjuring
56 Spirit Slates: spirit stuff
58 Four Ace Miracle: card conjuring
59 Card in Hat Mystery: card conjuring
60 Pharaoh's Finger: spirit stuff
61 Burning Sugar: miscellaneous magic
62 Color Card Mystery: card conjuring
63 Spirit Writing: spirit stuff
64 Handkerchief Penetration: miscellaneous magic
64 Living Or Dead: spirit stuff
66 Weird Touch: cigarette stunt
67 Elusive Ace: card conjuring
68 Second Sight: card conjuring
69 Stick Magnet: spirit stuff
70 Yogi Coin Vanish: money mystifiers
71 Traveling Ace: card conjuring
72 Jumping Cigar Band: miscellaneous magic
73 Houdini Match Trick: miscellaneous magic
74 Enchanted Salt Shaker: spirit stuff
75 Witch Craft: spirit stuff
76 The Plate Eater: miscellaneous magic
78 A Sweet Trick: miscellaneous magic
79 Light Footed: match magic
80 Bank Note Mystery: money mystifiers
82 Making Money: money mystifiers
83 Coin In The Orange: money mystifiers
84 Miser's Dream: card conjuring
85 Ups And Downs: miscellaneous magic
86 Spirited Magic: spirit stuff
88 Obedient Table: spirit stuff
89 It's In The Pocket: card conjuring
90 Magical Foot: card conjuring
91 X-Ray Eyes: card conjuring
92 Sole Of The Wizard: card conjuring
94 Columbus Outdone: miscellaneous magic
96 You Know The Number: spirit stuff
97 Mysterious Matches: match magic
98 Fire Magic: match magic
100 Difficult Catch: miscellaneous magic
101 Seed Magic: spirit stuff
102 Enchanted Whistle: spirit stuff
103 Dexterity: match magic
104 Water Magic: miscellaneous magic
105 Talking Dime: money mystifiers
106 The Mystic Deck: card conjuring
107 Demon Wine Glass: spirit stuff
108 All-Seeing Eye: money mystifiers
109 Magnetic Control: miscellaneous magic
110 The Lady Cries: money mystifiers
111 The Flying Card: card conjuring
112 Enchanted Deck: card conjuring
113 Elusive Cigarette: cigarette stunt
114 Telltale Match: match magic
115 Phenomenal Card Trick: card conjuring
116 The Phone Of Cagliostro: spirit stuff
120 Ghostly Music: spirit stuff
122 Mysterious Handcuffs: spirit stuff
123 Pocket Magic: card conjuring
124 The Phantom: spirit stuff
124 Tipsy Card Trick: card conjuring
126 Unique Effect: card conjuring
128 Balancing Glass Trick: match magic
129 Penetration: money mystifiers
130 Magical Magnetism: miscellaneous magic
131 It Can Be Done: money mystifiers
132 Ghost In The Dark: spirit stuff
133 Color Magic: miscellaneous magic
134 Mystic Dice Prediction: miscellaneous magic
135 Mystic Jugglery: money mystifiers
136 Cut And Restored Card: card conjuring
137 Floating Ball: miscellaneous magic
138 Card And Hat Trick: card conjuring
139 Money Talks: money mystifiers
140 Get-Together Card Trick: card conjuring
141 Floating Paper Ball: spirit stuff
142 Devil’S Sight: card conjuring
144 Magical Discovery: card conjuring