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Duffie, Peter (et al): Scotland Up Close
©2005 Peter Duffie
e-book, 81 pages, 110 Photos
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Scotland Up Close
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Comments: Available from Peter Duffie or TOC adapted from Peter Duffie's website.

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Autograph Hunter (Roy Walton): spectator's signature jumps from one card to another
2 The Hands of a Surgeon (Gordon Bruce): Spectator cuts to the four Aces
3 The ESP Shuffle (Gavin Ross): ESP deck is mixed by a spectator, yet an incredible 'coincidence' occurs
4 Hot Flush (Gavin Ross): Randomly cut deck results in a Royal Flush in Spades
5 Justice is Mine (Jim Boyd): In a supposed explation of dealing from the bottom, the spectator is fooled again
6 Hofzinser 2001 (Peter McLanachan): Hofzinser Ace Problem approached with four Queens and a selection
7 A Hobbit's Tale (Euan Bingham): Black Aces are vanished, Queens are found, which change into the Aces. Queens are found reversed in deck
8 Phantom Aces (Euan Bingham): Four signed Aces pass from a wallet to the deck, and then back (no dups or palming)
9 Diamond Snatch (Gary Middleton): Four Kings rise to the top of the deck in search of a diamond haul
10 King for a Day (Gary Middleton): Hofzinser Ace problem - rest of the cards change to the mates of the selection
11 Captives of the Cranium (George McBride): impossible card discovery
12 Stebbins Prediction (George McBride): prediction effect
13 Veeeser Meets Steranko (George McBride): Spectator finds the Aces
14 Thanks to Collins (Steve Hamilton): mind-bender
15 Big Bank Hunt (Scotty Johnson): sandwich effect
16 Stranger (Richard James): Two Kings cause back of a card to change color, then back to normal
17 Total Recall (Ian Girdwood): Memorize the color order of a deck after it is shuffled
18 New Wave Oil & Water (Val Le-Val): uses cards with O&W printed on them
19 Walkaround (David Walsh): Walk-around card routine
20 Eight of Two Kings (David Forrest): production of Four Kings and Four Aces
21 Skinned (David Forrest): Selected card appears folded inside packet of cigarette papers
22 Finishing Touch (Peter Duffie): Four cards are selected and changed into four of a kind
23 52 Minus 1 (Peter Duffie): psychic powers demonstration
24 Thinking Cap (R. Paul Wilson): Spectator thinks of a card and then magician finds it
25 ConCam Cards (R. Paul Wilson): Cards across without palming (or with it)
26 L.K.D. Monte (Dave Robertson): a deceptive move for the Find The Lady trick