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Duffie, Peter: Card Magic USA
©2010 Peter Duffie
e-Book, 286 pages
Available as an e-Book from Peter Duffie
Card Magic USA
Image courtesy Peter Duffie's Alternative Magic

Comments: A collection of card magic from many of the top names in Card Magic in the USA. Descriptions below are condensed from those at Peter's site.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 My Opening Act (Jon Armstrong): ESP cards with a Card to Wallet finale
2 The Lucky Chip (Jon Armstrong): selection is found with aid of poker chip
3 Milking the Boards (Lee Asher): gambling demonstration
4 Aces Over Easy (John Bannon): Ace assembly and reversal
5 Turning Heads (Steve Beam): Queen changes her direction
6 The Perfect Pick (John B. Born): Using psychology to reveal a selection
7 Dr. Jaks Goes to Mexico (Steve Bryant): a two-ahead principle
8 A Sure-fire Prediction (Steve Bryant): humorous
9 The Sting, too (Antonio Cabral): demonstrating the art of riffle-stacking and the con
10 The Pub Shuffle (Antonio Cabral): quick red/black false tabled riffle shuffle
11 Direct Control (Jack Carpenter): four card switch
12 Open Spread Switch #1 (Jack Carpenter): clever card switch
13 Color Changing Deck (Steve Dacri): cards and deck change colors
14 Hard to Improve on Perfection (Steve Dacri): still learning
15 Curse of the Rasta (Mark DeSouza): Peter Kane's Gypsy Curse with non-gimmicked cards
16 Tipping the Sleight Fantastic (Mark DeSouza): card move using the Thumb Slide
17 May’s Aces (Steve Draun): Ace Assembly
18 Mind Reading Svengali (Steve Dusheck): trick for the Svengali deck
19 Pokerello (Steve Dusheck): prediction effect with five card variation of Corvello force
20 Stevens Aces plus Stevens Control (Steve Ehlers): Ace cutting routine
21 Hold’em Stack (Steve Ehlers): seven or eight hands with one Faro shuffle
22 Leadership Potential (Tom Frame): a follow the leader card effect
23 Off-Color Sandwich (Tom Frame): sandwich almost finds the selection
24 Certainty (Cameron Francis): Seven of Hearts finds the selection
25 George’s Secret (Cameron Francis): A dollar bill finds the selection
26 Position Possession (JK Hartman): Card At Any Number
27 My Visitor II (Wesley James): Jennings Visitor Plot part 1
28 The Discolored Visitor (Wesley James): Jennings Visitor Plot part 2
29 Predictamation (Joshua Jay): Correctly estimate cut cards and find the Aces
30 Pole Dancing (Marty Kane): Lots of word play
31 Sofa King (Marty Kane): More word play
32 Another Late Night Session (Bob King): Immediately cut to selection
33 Color Cut (Bob King): Variation of David Jade's Cutting Off Colors
34 Kranzo’s Kool Kut (Nathan Kranzo): In the hands false cut
35 Instant Foursome (Nathan Kranzo): In the hands four card production
36 Mat Slap (Chad Long): card revealed by the close-up pad!
37 T.C.O.H.T.P.C. (Chad Long): The Cheesy One Hand Top Palm Control
38 3-4-1 (Harry Lorayne): Reading the spectator's thoughts
39 Sandwich Plus Two (Harry Lorayne): Two cards find and sandwich three selections
40 Up My Sleeve (Bill Malone): Cards to Pocket
41 The Incredible Six-Card Trick (Bill Malone): variation on 6 card repeat
42 Doc John’s Aces (Ryan Matney): based on Karl Fulves's Naming the Aces
43 Penultimate Man (Ryan Matney): version of Bannon's Last Man Standing
44 Cycle (Max Maven): reprint of Max's packet trick booklet
45 The Way of All Flesh (Steve Mayhew with Antonio Cabral): diabolical display of card control
46 A-Ten-Tion (Stephen Minch): a round-about prediction
47 Clip Force and Applications (James Patton): Using the Adrian Plate Clip
48 Visual Retention Switch (James Patton): switch during a tabled peek
49 The Blackjack Stack (Jeff Pierce): selection replaces blackjack rules on the back of a card
50 Collecting-Up in the Air (Gary Plants): Collectors theme, impromptu
51 Count Me In (Gary Plants): Combines Cummins' Count On It and Walton's Palmist Prophesy
52 Switch on Dingle (Mike Powers): Ace assembly plus
53 Honeymoon Fusion (Jon Racherbaumer): a romantic card fusion
54 Easy Coin Cut (Steve Reynolds): Easy version of U.F. Grant's Coin Cut
55 Direct Twisted Collectors (Steve Reynolds): Handling of Wagner's Collect Twist
56 Kosky Transpo Sandwich (Robin Robertson): Transpo between two sandwiches
57 King Cornelius’ Stack (Robin Robertson): Reverse 8 Kings Stack
58 The Old West (Harvey Rosenthal): Club cards leave the Aces and return
59 The Queens Go Belly Up (Harvey Rosenthal): Queens instantly reverse and join together
60 Co-Signed (Steve Shufton): Signed selection is pierced with a knife and restored
61 Bad Credit (Bob Solari): credit card is sandwiched and punched holes in, then restored
62 Invisible Opener (Bob Solari): Thought of card is found face up in deck
63 Hancock in Your Pants (Ryan Swigert): Signed selections to pocket
64 Tel-Tale Joker (Dan Tong): Joker tells the selection
65 Rough Guy (Dan Tong): different method
66 Frog Hair (Diamond Jim Tyler): animated card
67 The Magic of Halitosis (Diamond Jim Tyler): a blow blanks a card, then the deck
68 Speed Dating (Mike Vance): finding the date from the deck
69 4for3 Alchemy (Mike Vance): Aces to Kings
70 Tip Of the Trunk (Michael Weber): two selections named
71 Color Heist (Caleb Wiles): Aces to Kings
72 The Paparazzi Packet Trick (Caleb Wiles): Gemini Twins plot with a packet

74 Three Letters on Vernon & Walton (Roger Klause): Thoughts on Vernon's Out of Sight Out of Mind; Roy Walton's Overworked Card, and Vernon's Matched Spell Out
75 Peeping Tom (Gene Maze): handling of Hotel Mystery effect
76 Four Ace Cutting (Michael Skinner): Ace cutting
77 Bits and Pieces (Paul Swinford): two pieces of a ripped up card correctly identify selection
78 O & W Displacement Technique (Frank Thompson): Worthy addition to Oil & Water