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Duffie, Peter: Card Compulsions
©1995 Kaufman & Greenberg
Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt
Hardback; 269 Pages
Duffie's Card Compulsions
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Comments (Andrew Loh): This book contains excellent collections of card effects which are practical and high impact card magic. The card effects are varied from spelling card effects, transposition, number principles, etc. Also there's an interesting section at the end of the book which described a number of useful excellent card sleights. I really enjoyed reading the materials in this book and I highly recommend it!


8 Preliminary
8 Introduction (Roy Walton)
9 Foreword (Peter Duffie)

19 Routines
19 The Three Packet shuffle
23 Mis-Read Palmistry
26 City slickers
30 Marriage on the Rocks
36 Sherlock Never Married
41 Baker Street Branch
44 Dearly Departed
49 Exodus
53 The Lucky Ten
56 Just For Starters
60 Aces Apace
64 Aces At Once
69 Divisory Capacity
73 Widowed 73
77 The Claustrophobic Cards
81 Triple Trauma
84 The Ultimate Truth
90 Truth Serum
93 Widespread
97 A Hint of a Tint
100 Pokericulous
102 Four-Knowledge
107 Four-Knowledge (without seconds)
110 A Great Deal of Thought
113 A Hofzinser Trilogy
113 Triggered Hofzinser
116 No-Trigger Hofzinser
117 A Mild Solution
119 Caprice
126 Time Zones
126 Two Timing
128 Jet Lag
131 Centerpoint
134 Cardtell
136 Sleuthsayers
140 A Willful Sandwhich Transposition
143 The Fortuitous Card Catcher
146 The Case In Hand
152 The Red And Black Scenario
156 Epitaph For A Card Cheat
161 Fastack
167 The Judas Shuffle And Its Applications: To Stack Four Aces for a Four-Handed Game; To Stack the Aces for Any Number of cards; To Stack a Royal Flush (5 Cards); The Judas Fastack Shuffle
170 Eleven Plus
173 Eleven Plus Plus
174 Almost But Not Quite
176 The Working Assembly
182 Mixed Reaction
186 The Maze Connection
190 The Vegas Connection
194 Flight of Hand
199 The Protection Racket
202 Only A Game
205 Rooms For Maneuver
209 Two Decks But With A Single Thought
213 The Self-Seekers
217 Within You Without You
223 Re-Scan Variant
226 No Two Ways About It
229 Changing Sides
232 Thoughts On The Bottom
235 The Final Solution

242 Sleights And Slants
242 The Packet Palm
244 Center Block Palm
247 The Day Double Lift
248 The Grift Shift
250 The Nulling Factor
252 The Correction Pass
253 The Double Innercut
255 The Double Overcut
257 The Production Cut
258 Peek Break Technique
260 Stanley Collin's Replacement
262 Spin-Cut Lapping
264 Toss-In Lap Switch
266 P.O.U.S. (Palm Off Utility Sleight)
268 Duffie's Depth Deception