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Duffie, Peter: Applications
1993 Martin Breese International
Illustrated by Martin Perry
Hardcover; Pages: 60
Image cortesy e-Bay seller DiddyWench

Comments (Andrew Loh): If you love good quality, practical and high impact card magic, you will love this book. Highly recommended!


7 Introduction
9 Centre Forward
11 Jointly Does It
14 The Auld Curse
15 I Give Up!
17 Boxed-In
20 Mind Games
24 An Odin Sequel
27 Women
30 Palmed Addition Utility Sleight
33 A Turn-Up for the Book
36 A Curious Incident
38 Collusion
40 Rising Crime
43 Audience Participation
45 Fireside Aces
47 The Scottish Assembly
50 Once Again
53 Duffie on Keyboards
54 A Change in Mood
56 Glasnost
58 Guardian Angels