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Duffie, Peter: England Up-Close
©2006 1st Edition Peter Duffie
173 pages
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England Up Close
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Comments: Over 70 routines from a variety of contributors; effect range from self working to sleight-of-hand techniques. Mostly cards but also includes a coin effect, one with bills, and magic squares. Read a full review by Caleb Wiles at


2 Introduction
4 Trial Separation (Jack Parker): A Joker is used to split the deck and a selection made from each half. Selections vanish, so spectators are asked which card they chose, and both name the same card. Joker previously put aside turns into the selection.
8 Insertion Technique (Sean Carpenter): a business card is inserted into the deck with a prediction; the selection is found as predicted by the card.
11 Named! (Sean Carpenter): Spectator finds only selection with his own name
14 Progressive Jacks (David Britland): card sandwich routine
17 CAAN (Stephen Tucker): an Any Card at Any Number effect.
21 A Freer Chance (Stephen Tucker): clever packet trick
24 Sad Aces (Jon Allen):
27 Vison (Wayne Dobson):
30 Ring Flash 2 (Wayne Dobson): borrowed finger ring changes into a gold chain, and then the ring is found linked to the chain
32 Coincidence (Nicholas Einhorn):
34 Kicked Forward (Iain Moran): version of Ryan Swigert's KickBack routine
37 Colorful Triumph (Iain Moran):
40 Centrifugal Lift (Kevin Fox):
42 Centrifugal Elevator (Kevin Fox):
44 Cheek-To-Cheek (Andi Gladwin):
46 The Devil's Card (Shaun McCree)
51 Four Ace Repeat Reprise (Shaun McCree)
53 An Off Color Deal (Roger Crosthwaite):
56 Surprise Royal Flush (Roger Crosthwaite):
58 Polygraph (Roger Crosthwaite):
63 Cavort in the Act (Rob James):
66 Canceled Out (Andy Hurst): mentalism cards using a stack
72 Three Willy (Andy Hurst): another use of the stack
73 Uno Undo (Andy Hurst):
76 Cream Tea(sed) (Mike Rose): Cards with Scone and Cream on the climaxes with the production of a jar of jam
80 Again the Aces (Paul Hallas):
84 Interlaced Vanish Revisited (Brian Glover):
86 Hot and Cold Card & Magician Makes Good Once Again (Brian Glover):
90 WalCardlet (Walt Lees):
92 No-exchange Do As I Do (Walt Lees): clean Do As I Do routine
94 A.A. (Anthony Brahams):
96 Book of Words (Lewis Jones):
100 Pokerface (Lewis Jones):
103 Kings 'n Aces (Andy Nicholls):
104 Cop Out (Andy Nicholls):
107 Call as Ace (Jamie Badman):
110 Magic Cards (Dominic Twose)
112 Joker Guarantee (Dominic Twose):
113 The Rotating Hand (Dominic Twose):
114 Clairvoyant Plus (Justin Higham):
116 Clairvoyant Plus Wand (Justin Higham):
117 Clairvoyant Plus Name (Justin Higham)
117 Clairvoyant Plus Colour (Justin Higham):
119 The Eradicator (Paul Gordon): variation of Out of this World, though the separatation comes as a surprise
121 Mystery of the Number Nine (Paul Gordon):
123 J R's Twisted (Paul Gordon):
124 The Mystic Nine (Paul Gordon):
125 Half a Higham (Paul Gordon):
126 Murder to Describe (Paul Gordon):
128 Stand Up For CATO (Paul Gordon): idea for Bob Hummer's Cut and Turn Over move
130 Hum Drum (Paul Gordon): another use
131 Thumbs Up! (Paul Gordon):
134 Impromptu Pokertell (Paul Gordon): card routine occurs fully in the hands of the spectator
134 Peter's Foursome (Paul Gordon):
136 Thanks to Goodliffe (Paul Gordon):
136 Are We Still Counting? (Paul Gordon):
138 A Mystic Seven Phase (Paul Gordon):
139 A Mystic Seven Phase II (Paul Gordon):
141 Standing Up for Leipzig & Marlo (Paul Gordon):
142 What, Another Kick? (Paul Gordon):
143 DuffieCrosGord 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Paul Gordon)
146 When I was Twenty-One (Paul Gordon)
148 Station Master (Mark Elsdon):
150 KiLocator (Mark Elsdon): After a series of cuts, a selection, and the selection being put back into a portion of the deck, the top card turns into the selection
152 Girl Talk (Shiv Duggal):
155 ESP Mental (Harold Cataquet): mental routine evolves into a Wild Card effect; instant reset, suitable for trade show
158 Lazy Man's Hanging Coins (Harold Cataquet):
161 Fayre and Squayre (Al Smith):
168 Origeightor (Al Smith):