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Duffie, Peter: Decknology
40 pages, 60 photographs
Available as an e-book from Peter Duffie (
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Contents: (note numbers are not page numbers) Adapted from Peter's website, highly detailed descriptions are available there.

1 Delusion Assembly: three selections are made, and then the four Kings placed in a diamond shape on the table. The selections are placed on one King, and it is found that the pile now holds all Kings, and the selections are where the other Kings used to be.
2 "Deckless" Delusion Assemble: as above, packet style
3 Seven Card Miracle: selection is placed among six other cards and the packet is dealt face up and face down to the table. Only the selection remains face up. This is repeated, and then the cards are returned to the deck, where only the selection is found face down.
4 Between Friends: five cards are selected and one returned to middle of the deck while others are placed on top; instantly the card from the middle is found face up in the middle of the other cards; the other cards then turn into Aces.
5 A Nail-writing Trick For Those Who Can’t Nail-write!: magician pulls out an envelope with a card in it upon which is written the correct prediction of a named card.
6 Card Two Pocket: Spectator and Magician each name a card. Magician removes his card and hands it to Spectator; spectator's card is found in the magician's pocket. Both cards are returned to the deck where magician's card is found face up, and spectator's card is found missing...back in the pocket.
7 Saved by the Belles: three selections are made and magician attempts to reveal them but is wrong. Deck is spread to reveal the cards between the face up Queens.
8 Morons: selection becomes only face up card in a packet of face up/down cards. Card is returned to the deck, and finds itself back in the packet.
9 The Plagiarists: three cards are selected and placed unseen face down on the table. With the aid of the Jacks, three more cards are selected, and found to be matches for the cards previously on the table.
10 Five to Three: three selections are found with the aid of the Kings after an apparent mishap.