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Duffie, Peter & Jerry Sadowitz: Contemporary Card Magic
Published by Martin Breese
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 47 Pages
Contemporary Card Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Car*Keys88*

Comments (Hunter Higgins): A small manuscript featuring many interesting close up effects with cards. ICPRESS in particular is a great card location/colour change effect. Also available as an e-book from


1 Across The Universe  (P Duffie)
2 The Man In The Middle  (J Sadowitz)
4 Aces in Tiers  (P Duffie)
6 007 And Counting  (J Sadowitz)
9 Signus X I  (P Duffie)
12 An Unpacket Trick  (J Sadowitz)
14 A Personal Triumph  (P Duffie)
16 Fancy Dance  (J Sadowitz)
18 A Case for Clouseau  (P Duffie)
20 BOOM!  (J Sadowitz)
22 A Minor Delusion  (P Duffie)
24 Boom Production  (J Sadowitz)
26 Face Up Garcia  (P Duffie)
28 Front Cover  (J Sadowitz)
30 The Short Sharp Shock  (P Duffie)
31 IPCRESS featuring The Open Production  (J Sadowitz)
35 Premeditated Sandwich  (P Duffie)
36 All Things Must Pass  (J Sadowitz)
40 A Commericial Twist  (P Duffie)
43 Ready When You Are JB  (J Sadowitz)