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Duffie, Peter: Card Addict
©2000 1st Edition
Pages: 36
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Card Addict
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Comments (Alex Rossi):


3 Kick-Star Aces: The spectator finds the aces without looking
5 Sweet Sixteen: Four fours are shown, then one four is split into two twos. Then the last two change into two queens
7 Six Card Interlude: Six cards act as a computer to find the spectator’s card
8 Magical Mixture: “A well shuffled coincidence followed by a magical teleportation”
10 Bypass: A two cards are revealed and one appears in the pocket
12 Halloween Location: A nice revelation using the 31st
13 Fact or Fiction?: Lie detector effect using four questions
15 Miracle or Impossible again!: A variation on Arun Bonerjee’s "Miracle or Impossible"
16 Make Mine a Double: A very simple matching effect
18 Fat Chance: A spectator has four chances to find his card, and the magi said he would
19 The Brown Detective: The magi needs help from the “Detective card” to find the selection
21 Totalizator: Spectators each think of a card, the magi then produces two card that have the same total of the thought of cards
22 The Mental Pack: The deck tells the magi what number the spectator was thinking of and then the spectator’s selection magically appears
24 Suit Carrier: A variation Hofzinser ace problem except it in the spectator’s hands
26 Hour Magic: Spectator locates his own card using the magic hour
27 Innocent Confusion: A variation of Roy Walton’s "Confusion of the Innocents"
29 Word Count: “A selected card is found in the deck by spelling out a regular sequence of numbers”
31 Ritual Abuse: The magi asks the deck for the Value and Suit of the selection, and they both match the actual selection
33 Straight Quality Poker: “A spectator mixes a packet of 11 cards then produces three matching pairs. The five remaining cards form a royal flush!”
34 Heaps of Lies: Another version the Lie Detector plot
36 Blackjacked: “A production of perfect blackjack hands from a shuffled packet”