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Driscoll, Bruce (Compiler); Sam Koobrick (editor): Versatility Coin Set
©1976 Samuel Koobrick, A Penguin Feature
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 8 pages
Versatility Coin
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Comments: Instruction manual to accompany the Versatility Coin Set by Penguin Magic. The set included four gimmicked coins: a shell, a C/S coin with magnet, an English Penny with metal shim, and a copper coin.


1 Introduction
2 Versatility Coins: the coins explained
2 Which is Which: a half dollar and English penny in each hand transpose twice
3 Transformation: English Penny transforms into half dollar in the spectator's hand
3 Miracle Card Penetration: English penny penetrates through a playing card into a glass
4 Visible Penetration: another version, but with two coins and one passes visibly through
4 Scotch Soda: with the Versatility Coin Set
5 An Impossible Penetration: coin through handkerchief
5 Spellbound Surprise: Half dollar to English penny and back, but then becomes the English Penny again
6 Metamorphosis Twice: Half in the spectator's hand is covered with a card and an English Penny is placed on top. The half changes to English Penny. Then one English Penny changes back into the half.
6 Fade-Thru: Two coins placed on the bottom of a glass; one coin penetrates through
7 Coin Thru: English Penny penetrates handkerchief into a glass
7 Your Choice: one of two coins vanishes from spectators hand to be found in a plastic box covered by the spectator's other hand
8 Afterwards: thoughts on patter