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Dreher, Carl: Professional Close-Up Volume 1
©1981 Carl T. Dreher, TX
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 105 pages
              Close-Up Volume 1
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Carl Dreher: Professional Close-Up Volume 1

Comments: Photography by Greg Keck, edited by Van Cleve. Chapter one contains single tricks or sleights. Chapter Two contains endings for greater impact. Chapter three contains full routines. Chapter four contains theory.


1 Introduction

4 Chapter One Tricks
4 Hearts: Oil-and-Water card effect, Elmsley count
12 Card In The Snuff Box: Carl's version of John Kennedy's effect, with card fold
20 The Coin In The Beer Can - My Way: Carl's version of Larry Jennings routine
24 An Egg Switch For Kling-Klang: hollow egg becomes real
28 One Heart Too Few: a Gag with the Three of Hearts
30 Glass Through The Table: application of the Kick-Vanish
36 Coins And Glass Through The Table: ending for coins through table with the vanishing shot glass
40 Find The Check: a comedy bit
44 Cut And Restored Rope For Close-Up: a lapping move for a close up cut and restored rope

49 Chapter Two Endings
50 Soft Soap Surprise: designed to make it less of a "sucker" effect
54 Ending To The Three Shell Game: pea vanishes from spectator's hand and is found not under a shell, but under a clear glass
58 Ending To Derek Dingle's "Card In Balloon": From Derek's routine in Apocalpse voume 1, number 2, February 1978

63 Chapter Three Routines
64 Spirits: ghost under a handkerchief finds a card, changes to goblet, and ends with wine bottle production
74 Cups And Balls: a routine for Magicians using a Combo Set (Chop Cup and Balls set)
83 Pop Top: challenging routine for bottles and coins

91 Chapter Four Theorems And Corollaries on Good Magic and Card Tricks
92 Theorem 1 - Good Magic is Characterized by an Economy of Props
95 Corollary to Theorem I
96 Theorem 2 - Unabashed Skill Will Outshine Intolerable Bad Taste
98 Corollary to Theorem 2
99 Theorem 3 - If an Audience Can Conceive of any Modes-Operandi for an Effect, it is No Longer Magic
101 Corollary to Theorem 3
102 Summary

104 References