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Drake, Don & Gary Darwin: Dondrake's Black Art Breakthroughs
©1999 Dondrake
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 50 pages
DonDrake's Black Art Breakthroughs
Image courtesy eBay seller ripley109
Don Drake & Gary Darwin: Dondrake's Black Art Breakthroughs

Comments: "Black Art as you have never seen it before! A guide to creating your own black art illusions! Over 15 new illusions plus a complete act!!"

Contents (from book ToC):

2 Dedication and Thanks
3 Foreword
4 Preface
5 The Early Years
7 Black Art In The Parlor
9 How To Build A Wizard’s Window
12 Handling The Black Art Cards
15 Building A Black Art Backdrop
17 Using The Right Material
18 Black Art Lighting
19 The Wizard’s Curtains
22 The Black Art Table
23 DONDRAKE’S Wizard's Table
24 Build Your Own Wizard’s Table
26 From The Past: The Flying Carpet
27 From The Past: The Hindu Rope Trick
28 DONDRAKE’S Fantasy Dove
29 DONDRAKE’S Floating Into And Out Of A Body
30 DONDRAKE’S Stretching Rope
31 DONDRAKE’S Black Art Prediction
33 DONDRAKE’S Jumbo Card Frame
34 DONDRAKE’S Black Art Milk Routine
35 DONDRAKE’S Paper Bag Productions
36 DARWIN’S Black Art Striptease
37 DARWIN’S Missing Fingers
39 DARWIN'S Ever Loaded Hat
40 DARWIN’S Black Art Lota
41 DARWIN’S Steel Rod Through The Body
42 DARWIN’S Exorcist Live - A Complete Black Art Act
45 CHAD SANBORN’S The Cloned Lady
46 THE FUTURE OF MAGIC, KEN AND JAMES’ The Broken And Restored Heart

47 Afterword: Putting It All Together
48 Acknowledgments