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Downs, T. Nelson & Nathan Dean (editor): Conjuring With Coins
©1916 C. Arthur Pearson, Ltd.
Softcover, perfect-bound, 6x9", 125 pages
Downs / Dean
              Conjuring With Coins
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Matrusk
T. Nelson Downs & Nathan Dean (editor): Conjuring With Coins

Comments: "Including Tricks by Nelson Downs and Other Well-Known Conjurers". Second Impression 1919, Third Impression 1922.

Contents (source book ToC):

11 The Principles of Magic
16 The Conjurer’s Clothes
18 The Conjurer’s Table

20 Sleights Used in Coin Tricks
20 To Palm a Coin
23 The Finger Palm
24 The Back and Front Palm
33 The French Drop
34 To Change a Coin

40 Some Simple Coin Tricks
40 To Vanish a Coin from the Table
41 A Coin Spun in the Air and Vanished
42 The Mysterious Match-box
44 Gone!
46 Head or Tail?
48 The Mesmerised Coin
49 A Coin Wrapped in Paper Disappears
54 A Chinese Coin Trick

58 Pocket Tricks
58 Can You See Through It?
60 The Escaping Penny
62 The "Mascot" Vanishing Coin Trick
65 The Oriental Coin and String Trick

68 Tricks with Sleight of Hand or Apparatus — Appliances for Vanishing or Recovering Coins
68 The Halfpenny Box
69 The Pepper Box
70 The Rattle Box
71 The Plug Box
73 The Coin Casket
74 The Coin Wand
75 The Money Plate

77 The Multiplication of Money
79 The Cap and Pence
85 Coin and Glass Trick
87 Marked Florin and Penny Placed in Two Separate Handkerchiefs Change Places
88 Vanish of Four Coins from Handkerchief
92 Coin and Oranges
94 Ten Coins Passed into a Glass
100 The Aerial Mint
105 An Impromptu Coin Trick
108 My Grandfather's Legacy
117 A Combination Coin Effect

122 Concluding Remarks