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Douglas, Bert: Masonic Magical Creations
©1920 Bert Douglas
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 9 pages
Masonic Magical
Image from Magicref (Interior page)

Comments: Bert Douglas' first publication contains a set of effects themed for Masonic Lodge presentations


1 The Mystic Masonic Button: button instantly appears on coat
2 The Materializing Emblem: handkerchief and ribbon become Masonic Emblem
2 The Homing Masonic Silk: Masonic silk becomes tied between others
3 B.D. Masonic Manipulation Screen: an instant changing stage banner
3 B.D. Masonic Contrast & Vanishing Screen: a black art screen
4 A Lodge Problem: business card force using a Change Bag
4 The Frame of Resuscitation: torn Masonic card is found assembled (with missing piece) in frame
5 Mystic Masonic Apron: Keystone production from cloth
5 The Floating Keystone: using IT
6 B.D. Vanishing Keystone: vanishes from resting space on book
6 B.D. Keystone Penetration Through Hat: with special stage apparatus
7 Master Keystone Vanish: vanish from the hands
7 The Two Pillars: simple pillar becomes elaborate
8 The Phantom Keystone: Jumbo card trick
8 B.D. Vanishing & Reappearing Keystone Illusion: vanishes with a pistol shot
9 Suggestions: 8 tips and ideas for more Masonic magic