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Douglas, Bert: Magic Worth Knowing
©1934 Edward Bagshawe & Co., London
Hardcover, 59 pages
Magic Worth Knowing
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Tork
Bert Douglas: Magic Worth Knowing

Comments: Revised edition of the author's articles in the Linking Ring magazine, with new illustrations by Sid Lorraine.


7 Original Hat and Cane Table
9 Book and Cane Transformation
10 The Camera Table
12 A Box of Tricks
14 A Smoker’s Dilemma
16 The Tail of the Tie
18 Comedy Vanishing Lamp
20 The Emblem of Degree
21 Magic Golf
24 A Glass of Scotch
26 The Multiplying Pipes
29 B.D. Torn and Restored Newspaper
32 Super Card Reading
34 A Novel Penetration
36 The Spider and the Flies
39 Sinbad the Sailor
40 Smoke Magic
42 Master Card Manipulations
45 A Smoke Screen
46 The Stolen Watch
48 Simplex Card in Cigarette
50 Simplex Handkerchief Vanishing Gun
52 The Wealth Collector
55 The Card and Balloon
57 The Devil’s Darts