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Douglas, Bert: Club Magic
©1930 Edward Bagshawe & Co., London
Hardcover, 85 pages
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Club Magic
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Bert Douglas: Club Magic

Comments: "A revised edition of the author's writings in the Linking Ring. Newly illustrated throughout by Sid Lorraine."


5 A Magical Attache Case
7 An Alarming Trick
9 The Newspaper Table
10 The Visiting Mason
13 A Phony Card Trick
16 The Masonic Apron
19 Necktie Necromancy
22 Expert Card Manipulations
24 The Magic Skipping Rope
27 The Coin Jardiniere
31 A Card Trick Without a Card
33 A Comedy Coin Conception
37 Poached Egg on Toast
41 The Repeating Vanishing Cigarette
45 Mephisto's Cigarette
48 The Note and the Orange
49 An Imaginary Smoke
52 Masonic Apron Improved
54 The Card in the Cigar
58 The Magical Tobacconist
61 Nicotine Necromancy
66 A Barrel of Wine
70 The Card Angler
73 The Miracle 20 Card Trick
78 The Sprit of Johnny Walker
82 My Ghost Card Trick