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Dornfield, Werner C: Dorny on Trix
©1954 Ireland Magic
Paper, stapled, 40 pages
Dorny on Trix
Image courtesy Magic Inc.

Comments (Magic Inc.): "A delightful book of usable material by a truly great name in magic. A special feature is the chapter on appropriate magical music with titles and suggestions. (15 tricks, no sleights)."

Contents: numbers are not page numbers. Contents derived from Magic Inc. catalog description, so may be slightly abridged from actual contents.

1 Magical Music
2 The Dorny Story
3 Phoenix Restored Paper
4 Grabit
5 Jar of Neptune
6 Growth of Real Flowers
7 Billiard Ball to Hank
8 Enchanted Fruit
9 Card Fairy Tale
10 Duplex Date Reading
11 Knockout
12 Colored Threads Needle Trick
13 Duck or Dove Vanish
14 Wand and Card Stand
15 Hilarious Mind Reading Act
16 Monkey Business