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Doherty, Paul Ph.D. and John Cassidy: Magnetic Magic
©1994 Klutz, Inc.
ISBN: 1-878257-86-2
Paper, spiral-bound, 62 pages
Magnetic Magic
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Comments: Book with props. Props include a Brazilian Centavo coin and 10 doughnut ceramic magnets and 10 pill magnets. Not a whole lot of magic in this book as most of the articles are fun science stunts, but there is enough to be valuable to the budding magician.


1 Introduction: some of the science behind magnets
5 Bashful Coin: Bashful coin is mixed with others in a Styrofoam cup, vanishes and is found back in the cup.
7 Air Pudding: spoon placed in cup gets stuck in invisible pudding
9 The Basic Coin In Ear: using a magnet for quick access to the coin
11 The Paper Clips That Lived: Paper clips tied to strings inside a jar suspend in mid-air
13 Why Won't This Machine Work (Or Will it)?: a perpetual machine quiz
15 The Life Cycle of a Butter Knife: a butter knife is shown clean on both sides, yet a paper clip is produced
19 Pencil Drop Strangeness: a stunt with magnets and a pencil
20 Breakfast of Iron: magnetic property of iron fortified cereal
21 Orbiting Magnets: spinning magnet stunt, three versions
23 Bouncing Magnets: more magnet stunts
24 Advanced Bouncing Magnets: another version
25 The Magnetic Herky Jerky: a scientific principle with magnets "Magnetic Pendulum Chaos"
27 Metal Fruit: paper clip from fruit
29 Shish Ke Bobbing: more magnet and pencil stunts
30 Yet Another Desktop Mystery Device: Puzzling display with a hidden magnet
31 Spiritual Jumping Magnets: make a pill magnet flip mysteriously
32 Pop Ups: a pill magnet pops up from a doughnut magnet
33 Even Bigger Pop Ups: by stacking the magnets
35 Banana Compass: a banana points north
37 How to Compasses Work?: brief science explanation
38 Fighting Film Cans: stunt with film cans an magnets
39 The Biggest Discovery of All?: on the discovery of magnets
43 Scientific History: Oersted's experiment
44 Pencil Balancing: balance a pencil on a 3x5 card - only magician can do it
45 The Floating Pencil Machine: neat stunt to get a pencil to hover
49 Magnetic Boats: friction test
51 Vapor Coin: coin through table trick
55 Iron Brained Pigeons: facts about homing pigeons
57 Magnetic Bowling: a game
58 The Magnetic Tight Rope: stunt
59 Cow Magnets: more science talk
61 The Dancing Magnetic Bolo Twins: yet another stunt
62 A Word about the Coin and Magnets: and where to get more