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Doggett, R.L. "Dr. Bob": Easy Stuff, A Lecture
1992 Red Silk Variety Productions
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 23 pages
Easy Stuff
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Contents (from book, updated Sep 2017):

1 Ambitious 1,2,3,4,5: selected four of a kind end up as only cards face up
2 Zarrow Shuffle Explained: two variations
3 Simple King Production: two versions, one with Zarrow shuffle, other with Double Undercut
4 Twisting the Kings: each King turns face up one at a time
5 Kings Revealed: each of the four Kings revealed in different ways, with borrowed deck
6 Kings as Collectors: three selections are trapped by the Kings
7 Power of Royalty: Four Kings assemble under one packet, then return to their own
8 Plunger Move/Multiple Shift: removes unwanted cards from between multiple selections
9 Cards Across: Magician magically increases number of cards by amount determined by selection
10 Duplicate Cards: introduction
11 Simple Card Transposition: of two selections
12 Between the Palms: three selections are revealed, the last being a signed card previously under a coin
13 Poker Mental: four spectators mentally select one card from their Poker hand, and the magician reveals them
14 Out of This World: Bob's version
15 The Squeeze: follow up to OOTW
16 Martinez Spread: used to show a mix of cards when only one card, or half the deck is reversed
17 Out of this Universe: Bob's version
18 Chop Cup: just some suggestions, not a routine
19 Final Thoughts