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Docherty, Doc (Editor): East Coast Super Session Book One
©2006 East Coast Super Session
Softcover, spiral-bound, 45 pages
East Coast Super Session
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i Introduction

1 The Dousing Card (Don England)
3 Two Step, Two Step (Kosty Kimlat): do as I do card
5 Predecktion (Steve Beam): with a borrowed and shuffled deck
8 Touche - Is What You Say! (Lee Asher)
13 Subwich (Rich Aviles): sandwich card effect
17 Invisible Sandwich (Rich Aviles)
20 Logical Probability Sandwich (Scott Robinson)
22 Zoso Change (Doc Docherty)
25 Shrink and Drink (Joel Givens): card in bottle
29 Da Vinci Coin (Scott Robinson): Roth Wild Coin variation with Chinese coin, expanded shell and small cup
34 Over the Hills and Far Away (Scott Robinson): three coin vanish and production with no gimmicked coins
39 Big a Chink Transpo (Robert Moreland): coin production
42 Scamming the Silverware (Jason Mauney): based on Steinmeyer's Great Silverware Scam