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Dobson, Wayne & Stephen Tucker (transcription): Dobson's Choice Volume 3 - The Final Cut
2004 DTrick (Wayne Dobson)
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x8", 19 pages
Dobson's Choice The Final Cut
Image courtesy MidwestMagic

Comments: Third in the magic of Wayne Dobson "Dobson's Choice" series. From the publisher, "Much of the material in this book can be injected right into a magicians act, with little or no modification. The effects themselves have been simplified to remove the difficult sleights and complications that intimidate some magicians. These routines have been honed to perfection over thousands of performances. This stuff is sound workable material."

Contents: (updated Jan 2017, from book ToC)

4 Missing Think: selection to magician's pocket multiple times
4 4 Seen: four cards are selected and revealed in a clever way
6 Conjuror's Choice: from six cards (or business cards), spectator chooses the one with the magician's picture
8 X-Change: Boston Coin Box. 4 coins are placed in a coin box on the close up mat, vanish, and appear under the mat
9 Teach a Card Trick: Spectator learns a card trick in which the card reappears in a card box in the spectator's pocket
11 Switch: Magician finds wrong selection and places it in the card box, then finds the selection and the two cards transpose, twice, and the the whole deck turns into the first "wrong" selection
12 Sweet: practical Signed coin to sugar packet
12 I Swear: a spelling card trick
13 TLC: three thoughts are predicted using the one ahead principle in a clever way
14 Spell-Check: Another speller with two decks
15 Janus: similar to Doc Eason's Impossible Opener
16 Unique Prediction: prediction effect using the Coin Unique gimmick
16 Invisible: variation of the Invisible Deck using an invisible deck removed from a purse frame. Selection is then pulled from the frame as a folded card
18 Bonus - Man Eaters
19 My Magical Moments