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Dobrowolski, Tom: Tom and His Merry Men
(a.k.a. I want to be a Spanish magician when I grow up)
©2014 Tom Dobrowolski
Softfcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 25 pages

Tom and His Merry Men Lecture
Image courtesy eBay seller NinePatchNana
Tom Dobrowolski: Tom and His Merry Men Lecture

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Contents (from website, numbers are not page numbers)

1 BBQ Ribs Three Coins Across (Jeremiah Zuo): simple handling of 3 Fly/Visible Coins across
2 The Contest: Poker Players Picnic REDUX (Ed Oschmann/Tom Dobrowolski): classic lazy man’s ace trick
3 Poor Old Uncle Joe (Jack Carpenter): simple and fun laymen pleaser.
4 Streamlined Prediction (John Carey): prediction effect
5 Blackjack for Brother John (David Kuraya): variation of the Pinochle Trick
6 Right Down the Street (Tom Dobrowolski): Out of This World plot
7 Hana Ho Card (Curtis Kam): simplified moving hole