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Dobrowolski, Tom: All Done by Coindness
© Tom Dobrowolski
PDF, 64 pages
All Done by Coindness
Image courtesy Tom Dobrowolski
Tom Dobrowoloski: All Done by Coindness

Comments: "This is the 4th in the recent series of lecture notes and my 5th set of notes overall."
Available (as of 6/2017) from Tom Dobrowolski:

Contents (from website, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Inverted Matrix the Easy Way (Curtis Kam): reverse matrix
2 Matrix 21 (Curtis Kam): Matrix where coins end up back in the purse
3 Whole-Hearted Hopping (Tom Dobrowolski): Hopping halves variation
4 Chocolate Coins (Jeff Prace): Chocolate coins and an M&M's bag
5 Soft Coins Redux (Tomas Bloomberg): presentation for Tenyo Soft Coins
6 George is on my Mind (Eric Rose): serial number discovery
7 Impromptu Hornswoggled (Bill Wheeler): bill count swindle
8 Make Believe (John Carey): stand-up version of The Fading Coin by Tomoyuki Takahashi
9 Mutual Exchange (John Carey): classical copper silver coin transposition
10 The Big Penny (Oliver Corpuz): Jumbo coin production
11 Breakout (Ryan Bliss): Okito Box
12 Wave Vanish (Ryan Bliss): Three coins vanish from fingertips
13 3x3 Transposition (Jeremiah Zuo): half dollar, English penny, and Chinese coin transpose
14 Ultimate Progressive Coin Assembly (Jeremiah Zuo): coin purse routine