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Dixon, Doc: MonkeyShines Vol. 1
©2009 Doc Dixon
Paper, saddle-stitched, 48 pages
Monkeyshines Volume 1

Comments: Can be purchased direct from

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Part I Close Up Magic for Strolling & The Table
2 Memory Aces: face card of four packets turn to Aces (features the Dixon Drop)
3 JHD Sandwich: card sandwich effect (also using the Dixon Drop)
4 Sally Rand: comedy no-sleight version of the Princess Card Trick
5 My First Coin Trick: with a penny and silver dollar
6 The Tantalizer Lives!: "Entertain while dealing 104 cards"

7 Part II Bits O'Business & The Business O'Bits?
9 McCombical Redux: on the McCombical Prediction
10 Al Baker! We're All Bakers: magically produce a cake

11 Part III Mental Magic & Platform Conjuring
12 Double Duty & The Almost Ultimate Think of a Card
13 Deep & Meaningful Infatuation: divine the card and the related emotion
14 Snack Food: Signed beer bottle to Pringles Can, plus Bottle Sock

15 Part IV From Everything is Still Funnier With Monkeys
16 Reshuffled: original self-resetting version