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Dixon, Doc: Everything is Funnier With Monkeys
©1997 Doc Dixon
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 106 pages
Dixon Everything is Funnier With Monkeys
Image courtesy eBay seller NHSeller

Comments: Now available as an e-Book from

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction (Dan Harlan)
2 Hello: essay and introduction
3 Can You Do It For Dunk People: essay
4 Underhanded Ambition: Two ways to end Ambitious Card Routines
5 Watch This: Face-up Ace Of Spades under watch band changes to selection
6 Smell This: selection found with sense of smell
7 Stick This: signed sticker appears on selection
8 Walkin' My Baby Back Home: wind-up doll finds selection
9 Psychic Buddies: "The Original Cootie Catcher Fold Trick"
10 Salad Bar: Essay
11 Change For The Bartender: money appears inside Gum Ball Machine
12 Memories: Essay
13 Real Estate / Words Have Meaning: Essay
14 Spitting Image: Pretzel vanishes and reappears inside envelope
15 Your Fly Is Down: Bar trick
16 Close Up Matt: another
17 Potholio: comedy Pothole trick
18 Socially Unacceptable:
20 Pec Deck: Essay
21 Whacked: Essay
22 Ethics Schmethics: Essay
23 Yuks: Essay
24 Crook Book: Pop Up Book card trick
25 Ships In The Night: Jacks change places with Aces
26 Brad Pit/Shark Wallet: Holdout Technique and Kaps/Balducci Wallet for an Envelope Load
27 Cards & Cash: Card and signed bill transpose
28 Clean: A non-table Poker Deal
29 Pinky Shift: Signed Card At Any Number
30 Carpe Cajones: An Open Index Concept
31 Reshuffled: Resetting Version Of Unshuffled
32 Bye Bye: Essay