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Dingle, Derek: More Additional Deceptions: Lecture Notes No. 3
1987 Derek Dingle
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 14 pages
More Additional
Image from eBay seller Thundersolddad

Comments (Stewart Tame): These have to be copyright 1987 at the latest because that was the year I purchased them at a lecture. I imagine that they're copyright later than Lecture Notes No, 2 as well. All pages are printed on only one side.


1 Ala Kiga: Four Jacks shown, change to four Twos.
2 Outflushed: Original version using ungimmicked cards, predates version in Lecture Notes No. 2, five indifferent cards change to four Tens which change to a Royal Flush.
3 Delightfully Deceptive: "This effect is the same as the familiar Wild Card."
4 Double Faced Cards: Tips on making your own.
5 Little Miracle: Any card is thought of, half deck shuffled in face up, thought of card is only face up card, also has different colored back.
7 Coins Across: Coins travel from one hand to glass held in other.
8 Collectors - Again: Three cards selected, appear interspersed between the four Aces.
10 Blue Backed Aces: Four red backed Aces change to blue backs and assemble into a pre-selected pile in full view.