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Dingle, Derek: Additional Deceptions from Derek Dingle, 
Lecture Notes No. 2

1975 Derek Dingle
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 21 pages
Image from eBay seller Thundersolddad

Comments (Stewart Tame): No date anywhere on this that I can see, but from internal evidence it must have been published sometime between the time that Dingle's Deceptions by Harry Lorayne was released and 1987 which is about when I purchased them from Derek himself.


1 Through and Through: Four cards assemble one at a time under a large piece of cardboard.
3 Stand Up Coins Through the Table
5 Visual Reverse and Color Change: Card pushed crosswise through the deck visibly reverses itself, second time back changes color, finally entire deck backs change color to match.
10 Outflushed: Magician's hand changes from four spot cards to four tens one at a time, then to Royal Flush.
13 All Backs Routine: Aces change to cards with backs on both sides, then back again, climax with whole deck changing back color from blue to red.
17 Slow Motion Macdonald: Assembly of four Aces into a pile one at a time.