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Dimelow, Dominic: Magical Presentations
©1959 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Published in the U.K. by Supreme Magic Co.
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 20 pages
Dimelow Magical
Image courtesy e-Bay seller MercyMercyNew
Dimelow, Dominic: Magical Presentations

Comments: Now included as part of Abbott's "Bag-O-Trix" collection

Contents (Source - Bag-O-Trix contents; numbers are approximate):

3 Introduction
3 Cut Force
3 Removing A Joker: as a pretense for locating a card
4 - A Natural Move: for the above
4 Two Pack Coincidence
4 - Coincidence #1: selection from deck 1 matches magicians's selection from deck 2
5 - Coincidence #2: similar, but for stage
6 Quick Card Effect: wrong card prediction turned right
7 Burning A Dollar Bill
9 Prediction Effect: with a slate and a "stacked" deck
9 Composite Pack: using the Mene Tekel deck
10 Registered Post Mystery: card in sealed envelope matches
12 Two Pack Card Transposition: red and blue packs transpose except for selection
15 Beanstalk: for kid shows
17 Dictionary Trick: a dictionary test