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Dickson, Craig R: For the Entertainer II
©2003 Craig Dickson, Wizard Craft Magic
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11"
For the Entertainer II
Image courtesy eBay seller PrincetonRareBooks
Craig Dickson: For the Entertainer II


Contents (from Book ToC; numbers are not page numbers):

1 Perfected Card Rise
2 a. Horizontal Card Rise Card
3 b. Case Holdout
4 c. Business Card Rise
5 d. Tying the Knot

6 Improved Salt Pour
7 a. Doc Daly Tip
8 b. Long Pour Gimmicks

9 Its All About Control
10 a. Ultimate Card Control
11 b. Stripped Control
12 c. Stripped Charlier
13 d. Pop Out Aces
14 e. Around the Corner
15 f. Easy Switch Location

16 No Palm—No Peak
17 Cut To The Chase w/ Full Routine

18 PK Bonus Effects
19 a. Balancing Fork
20 b. Reverse Spinning Fork
21 c. PK Bending Coin
22 d. PK Deck