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Diamond, Ronald C.: The Complete Guide to the Miracle Cups & Coins
©Unkown, Ronjo
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 15 pages
Miracle Cups and
Image from Magicref

Comments: This booklet comes with the set of Miracle Cups & Coins and is not available separately. The routines as presented are short, and likely are best used as starting ideas or to be combined into a larger routine. Not all routines need to use all three cups, some use one or two cups only.


2 Welcome to the Miracle Cups & Coins: the primary prop briefly explained
3 Getting Started: more details on the set, with a plug for the Magician's Choice™ Performance Mat
4 Loading & Dislodging: how to load and dislodge the coin
5 Cups & Coins Routine: the standard cups & balls routine performed with three cups and coins
6 Chop Cup Coin: Uses just one cup. Coin repeatedly jumps from magician's pocket back to the cup, with a climax ending
8 Hippity Hop coin: Uses two cups. Coin jumps from cup to cup and then vanishes.
9 Pick A Cup - Any Cup!: Shell game with three coin cups
10 Half-Through: a coin dropped into the cup penetrates right through
11 Change-Out: Half dollar dropped into the cup changes into a miniature coin
12 Invisible Production: three invisible coins become visible under the cups
13 Okito Penetration: Combine a standard Okito box with a Coin Cup. A coin dropped into the coin cup ends up inside the Okito box that was placed underneath.
14 Double Cup Penetration: a variation of Half-Through, but for two cups. The half dropped into the top cup penetrates down into the bottom cup
14 Using the Solid Cup and Solid Stack: describes when to use the switch, but does not provide any techniques for performing it other than "use your favorite ones".
15 Solid Stack Take-Apart: a gag in which the magician seemingly unscrews one of the cups from the solid stack
15 Blending It All Together: suggestion for making a more complete routine
16 Advertisement for the Magician's Choice™ Performance Mat