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Diamond, Paul: The Very, Very Best of Paul Diamond...So Far
©1990 Paul Diamond
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 26 pages
Very Very Best of
              Paul Diamond So Far
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Comments: The material contained in this book was previously published in the following - Misc. Magic; Mr. Humble & Friends; A Diamond Is a Magician's Best Friend; Paul Diamond's Gambling Expose - The Real Work; Curtain Call - The First Final Lecture of Paul Diamond.


i Foreword
i Special Note: thanks
ii Table of Contents

1 Magic With Money
1 Three Bill Monte: spectator can't keep track of the odd bill
3 Money Miracle (Ed Sparro): a one and ten dollar bill penetration
5 The Bent Penny Gag: spectator is found to be very stong
6 The Broken Half Dollar: gag
7 Paul's Bill Switch: no TT
8 Jumbo Coin Appearance: penny held at fingertips changes to jumbo penny
9 The Superduper Fantastic Mindmelting Vanish Of A Borrowed Kennedy Half Dollar Outdone: in a handkerchief
9 Money Color Change: card color change as it passes through a bill
10 The Penny-Dollar Transposition: in a handkerchief held by spectator

11 Magic With Cards
11 Joe Cossari's Personal Card Scaling Method: throwing cards
12 "Impromptu" Rising Cards (Bill Severn, Pete Biro): with pencil and envelope
14 The Onehanded Flip: deck brought behind back and selection appears reversed
15 The Perfect Paired Prediction: three card prediction

16 General Magic
16 The Smoke From Mouth Gimmick: how to use it
17 The Magic Ring & Spring Puzzle: a double lock
18 The Idiot Rope Trick (Magic, Inc.): long rope wound into hand, spectator pulls out a short rope
20 Cigarette Through Flash Paper: without lighting
21 A Sense Of Timing: magician tells time with broken watch
21 Paul Says: quick cone & ash vanish
22 The Gypsy Switch: coin wrapped in handkerchief changes to another coin

23 Gambling Expose'
23 The Cheat's Favorite Card Sleight - Second Deal
23 Paul Says: idea for impromptu daub
24 Paul's False Shuffle - The Natural: keeping top stock during shuffle
25 Paul's Draw Poker Switch: bad hand turns good
25 Paul's False Cut: maintain top stock
26 Quarter-Horses: gambling scam with cards and quarters