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Diamond, Paul: Paul Diamond's Gambling Expose: "The Real Work"
©1988?, published by Paul Diamond
Illustrations uncredited,
Softcover, stapled, 17 pages
Paul Diamond's
              Gambling Expose
Image from Diamond's Magic

Comments (Stewart Tame): On one of the back pages it says, "Lecture notes written by Tom Ladshaw." All pages are printed on one side only. I'm guessing at the 1988 copyright date becase of a small "3-88" on the last page. Although this lecture is geared more towards gambling, there is some material of use to magicians, particularly in the Cards section.


2 A Few Words of Introduction
4 Gambling With Dice
5 Straight Dice
5 Crooked Dice
7 Simple Methods for Detecting Crooked Dice
8 Dice-Related Equipment
9 Dice Novelties
10 The Juice Joint
11 Gambling With Cards
12 The Natural: A False Shuffle
12 My False Cut
13 The Cheat's Favorite Card Sleight
14 Paul's Draw Poker Switch
14 Paul's "Restoring the Cut"
14 Zapped!
14 Poker Deals
15 Paul's "Lastwords"