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Diamond, Todd & Michael Wild: Bar Magician
©2004 1st Edition
14 Pages
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bar magician
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Comments ( "Michael Wild has teamed up with another hard core bar magician, Todd Diamond, to share with you their knowledge and great effects for the bar/pub venue. If you read Bar Magician it will become obvious that these two gentlemen have done magic in bars for quite some time. They explain their thinking and reveal some of their best effects. A bar can be a tough and sometimes rude place. Todd and Michael included one effect that matches this environment: "Two Cigarettes Having Sex". Be warned that this presentation may offend you. You might not want to do this for your in-laws next to the Christmas tree. But it can be very effective given the right situation, environment and audience."


2 Acknowledgements & Credits
3 Tips, Tricks & Advice
4 Bar Magic 101
5 The Mercury Fold
6 Nummus Incurvus
7 Easy Penny Bend
8 Don't Bet on I.T.
9 Floating Bill
10 You Just Can't Lose
11 Two Cigarettes Having Sex
12 Mikito Matrix
13 Last Call
14 Parting Thoughts...