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Dhotel, Jules, M.D. & Paul Fleming (translator): Magic with Small Apparatus Volume 1
or a Thousand Tricks in One Suitcase

©1947 1st Edition, Fleming Book Company, NJ
Hardcover, 302 pages
Magic With Small
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Comments: This 302-page book is Volume 1 of the American first edition of "La Prestidigitation sans Bagages," translated by Paul Fleming, Ph.D. This remarkable book of magic contains many tricks and routines involving animals, matches, rings, wands, candles, balls and more.

Contents: (source - book; updated Feb 2016)

v Author's Preface: recommends Cellier's Manuel Pratique d'Illusionnisme et de Prestidigitatio (in French)
xi Preface to the American Edition (Paul Fleming, 1947)

1 Chapter 1 Matches and Match-Boxes

6 I. Problems, Diversions and Games With Matches
6 Problems in Geometrical Figures
9 Fantastic Problems
10 Problems With Roman Numerals
10 Two Riddles
10 Some Apparently Mechanical Problems
13 Diversions With Broken Matches
14 Matches are Like Children
15 A Game With Fourteen Matches
15 The Shooting Matches

16 II. Tricks With Unlighted Matches
16 The Broken and Restored Match
17 Catching Matches in the Air
18 The Acrobatic Match
19 The Electric Matches
19 A Match Projected From the Vest
20 The Mesmerized Match
20 The Magnetic Match
21 The Match Through the Cheek
22 The Reversed Match
23 THe Vanishing and Reappearing Dots
25 The Penetrable Matches
26 The Three Match-Heads

27 III. Tricks With Lighted Matches
27 Eight Original Ways to Light a Match
29 The Match That Lights Between the Fingers
31 Assured Stability
31 The Match and the Two Glasses
32 Which Match Will Ignite First?
32 Two Matches and a Dime
33 The Match that Mysteriously Goes Out
34 The Disappearance of a Lighted Match
35 The Human Volcano
35 The Match Eater
36 The Jumping Match
36 The Revived Match
37 The Suspended Match
39 The Divided Match

40 IV. Tricks With Match-Boxes
40 The Levitation of a Match-Box
41 The Magnetized Match-Box
43 The Match-Box Balanced on the Nose
43 The Excelmok Match-Boxes
44 "Vanishing" Boxes
46 "Producing" Boxes
47 The False Label

49 V. Tricks With Boxes And Matches
49 The Three Match-Boxes and Three Spectators
50 The Adhering Matches
51 The Match that Rises Out of its Box
51 The MATCHES that Reverse in Their Box
51 A Curious Feat in Alternation
52 The Match Through the Box and Hand
53 Three-Card Monte with Match-Boxes
54 The Five Matches in the Rubber Band
55 The Matches that Travel from Box to Box
56 The Matches that Disappear and Reappear in Their Box

58 VI. Practical Jokes With Match-Boxes
58 The Unattainable Matches
58 Various Practical Jokes and Hoaxes

59 VII. Tricks with Match-Boxes and Other Accessories
59 The Match and the Zanzibar Cone
59 The Journey of Matches from Holder to Box
60 Matches, Handkerchief, and Candle
61 The Match and the Paper-Knife
63 Four Matches and Four Cards
65 The Match-Box and Ribbon
66 The Tissue-Producing Match-Box
66 The Match-Boxes and Magical Writing

71 Chapter 2 Animals
72 The Magical Thaumatrope
74 The Miniature Circus
75 The Fly as Motive Power
76 The Resuscitated Fly
76 The Tame Mouse
77 The Hypnotized Birds
78 The Vanishing Bird-Cage

83 Chapter3 Rings
84 Ring "Vanishes”
90 Ring “Changes”
91 The Reappearance of Vanished Rings
93 The Ring Suspended by a Burnt Thread
93 The Ring in the Egg
97 The Ring that Passes from Hand to Hand
98 The Obedient and Intelligent Ring
99 Ring and Ball
102 The Flying Ring (Four Methods)
106 The Ring that Passes from Packet to Packet
108 The Traveling Ring, Handkerchief, and Glass
110 The Vanishing Signet-Ring

113 Chapter 4 Wands

115 I. Wand Productions
115 Production from the Sleeve and Coat-Lapel
116 The Wand from the Purse
117 The Wand from the Scarf
118 The Wand that Jumps from the Pocket
119 The Cigarette Changed into a Wand

121 II. Vanishes and Transpositions
121 The Vanish with the Faked Paper Wand
123 The Journey of a Wand from One Piece of Newspaper to Another
125 The Wand that Passes from a Red to a Blue Piece of Paper
126 The Wand on the Spectator’s Back

128 III. Wand Exchanges
128 The Hedolt Wand-Changing Box

129 IV. The Fakir’s Wand
129 The Wand at the Fingertips (Without Apparatus)
130 The Wand that Clings to the Palm
131 The Magnetized Wand (With a Clip)
132 The Magnetized and Magnetizing Wand
133 The Magnetized Wand (With Prepared    Wands)
134 The Magnetized Wand (With a Thread)
136 The Story of the Magic Wand

139 V. Ascending Wands
139 The Wand in the Decanter
140 The Wand that Rises and Falls In the Hand
141 The Enchanted Wand

145 VI. Prepared Wands
145 The Wand that Rises in the Hand
146 The Rose-Producing Wand
146 The Juggler’s Wand
147 The Anti-Gravity Wand
148 Further Uses for the Hollow Wand
149 The Pilfering Wand
149 The Wand Through the Hat

151 VII. Firing Wands
151 The Detonating Wand
152 Fire-Belching Wands
155 The Lightning-Flash Wand
156 The Candle-Extinguishing Wand
157 The Heating Wand

159 VIII. Miscellaneous Tricks With Wands
159 The Tom Thumb Wand
160 The “Swallowing" Wand
161 The Weeping Wand
161 The Wand Through the Glass

165 Chapter 5 Candles, Fire, Flames, And Shooting

167 I. Magical Lighting Of Candles
167 The Lighted Candle from the Pocket
168 The Mysterious Relighting of a Candle
170 The Transfer of Flame from One Candle to Another

173 II. Magical Extinction Of Candle-Light
173 Three Experiments in Physics with Candles
173 The Candle-Light Extinguished by a Pistol-Shot

175 III. Miscellaneous Tricks With Candles
175 The Candle Changed to a Handkerchief
178 The Candle and Handkerchief Tube
182 The Handkerchief from the Candle Flame
184 The Edible Candle
185 Matches, Handkerchief, and Candle
187 The Floating Candle
195 The Candle Produced from a Spectator’s Pocket
197 The Multiplying Candle

198 IV. Fire And Flames
198 Diabolical Lighting
198 The Infernal Dessert
199 Flashes at the Fingertips
199 Fire-Eating
201 The Burning Lump of Sugar
202 The Flaming Glass of Water
202 The Breath of Beelzebub

205 V. Shooting Tricks
205 The Miniature Pistol
205 Babinet’s Pistol
206 The Bullet Caught on the Wing
209 The Cigarette Shot from an Assistant’s Lips

213 Chapter 6 Balls, Corks, And Muscades

215 I. Billiard Balls
215 The Excelsior Billiard Ball Trick with Eicht Balls
222 The Magic Balls
229 The Penetrated Hat
230 The Inseparable Friends
231 The Passage of One White and Two Red Balls Into a Hat
233 The Ball and the Fakir's Wand
234 The Ball, that Changes Color on the Wand
234 The Ball Through the Handkerchief
235 The Vanish of a Ball in a Flash of Light or a Flame
236 The Ball and Paper Cones
238 The Ball that Passes Into the Glass
239 Passe-Passe of Balls of Different Colors
241 The Three Colors
242 The Instantaneously Color-Changing Balls
244 The Animated Balls

246 II. Prepared Billiard Balls
246 The Handkerchief Changed to a Ball
246 The Ball and the Cut Handkerchief
248 The Diminishing Ball
248 The Obedient and Intelligent Ball

250 III. Rubber, Celluloid, And Cork Balls
250 The Muiltiplying Golf Balls
251 The Curious Journey of a Ball
254 The Ball in the Tube
257 The Ball that Rolls Along a Cord or Wand
258 The Vanish of a Ball from a Hat
259 The Ball Changed to Wine

261 IV. Marbles And Pellets
261 The Three Colored Marbles
261 The Glass Ball and Copper Tube
263 The Three-Shell Game
264 The Bread Pellets

266 V. Corks
266 A Dessert of Corks
267 The Corks and Saucers
270 The Cork that Passes Through the Hand
270 The Liberated Corks
271 The Box oF Traveling Corks

274 VI. Muscades
274 The Cups and Balls (J. Hedolt)
296 The Magical Ball

300 Index