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Dexter, Will: Secrets of the Conjurer's Craft
©1965 Abbey Library, London
Hardcover, 144 pages
Dexter Secrets of
              the Conjurer's Craft
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DonBursell
Will Dexter: Secrets of the Conjurer's Craft

Comments: I'm not positive, but this appears to be a condensed version of another Dexter book, This is Magic - Secrets of the Conjurer's Craft. That book is over 200 pages and has four more chapters - 7) Up in the Middle of the Air; 12) Think of a Number; 13) The Sealed Mystery; and 14) Is It Second Sight?

Contents (source - book ToC, Chapters Only):

5 Chapter One The Secret from the Tomb
9 Chapter Two The Cups and Balls
23 Chapter Three Oracles and Robots
33 Chapter Four It's All Done With Mirrors
53 Chapter Five The Lady Vanishes
70 Chapter Six The Trick That Never Was
88 Chapter Seven Sawing a Woman In Half
98 Chapter Eight The Legend of Houdini
116 Chapter Nine Marked Cards
127 Chapter Ten The Four Aces of Card Magic