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Dexter, Will: The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo
©1955 Arco Publishers Ltd, London, NY
©1973 Supreme Magic Co., England
Hardcover, 223 pages

Dexter Riddle of
              Chumg Ling Soo
Supreme Magic Edition
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Will Dexter: The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo


Contents:(source - book ToC; Chapters Only)

10 Introduction
11 Acknowledgment

13 Chapter One Who Was Chung Ling Soo?
18 Chapter Two Misadventure
26 Chapter Three The Man Of Mystery
45 Chapter Four Exit Loo, Enter Soo
55 Chapter Five Foo Versus Soo
68 Chapter Six The Conquering Hero
83 Chapter Seven "House Full" In Australia
94 Chapter Eight A Change Of Mind That Was Fatal
103 Chapter Nine Close Of An Era
122 Chapter Ten The Man Who Wrote "Sensational Tales"
129 Chapter Eleven Fulton’s Fantasy
134 Chapter Twelve The Trick That Scared Houdini
154 Chapter Thirteen Front Row, Orchestra Stalls
177 Chapter Fourteen Guardians Of The Secrets
195 Chapter Fifteen Secrets For Sale

206 Appendix One
212 Appendix Two
219 Index